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To put it simply, this site is about the beautiful game.  The game of soccer, the only game to ever be described as a religion.


I recently tried to find the Kenya premier league fixtures and was shocked at just how difficult it was.  I still have not found the league standings table.


Kenyans do love soccer, right?  Then why don’t we love our own soccer?  I already know what you’re going to say (corruption, mismanaged, low quality football), yeah I’ve heard it all before, and I’ve even said it.  BUT, as fans don’t we have responsibility to love the game regardless of what happens?  I mean, that’s what soccer is all about; you win, sometimes you lose, you even get relegated, anything can happen in football but the passion of soccer fans lives on, it must.  So that when your team gets out of the doldrums, success is that much sweeter because ma-fans wanajua wametoka mbali.


Soccer already has a passionate following in Kenya- you should only see the scramble for seats at pubs that offer DSTV on weekend afternoons, or even for Harambee Stars’ match tickets.  But we need more passion.


That’s what this site is about: the further development of Kenyan Soccer.


Kenyan Soccer Blog

Kelvin Jayanoris 2006